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I don't really think too much about it but I can relate when I think about my writing. The writing I thought was so amazing when I was younger makes cringe now! But these days, I don't put nearly enough practice and effort into it so the gap is only getting wider for me. :/

Michelle Clement

Ah! Yeah, thats the soon as you stop doing something its like youre starting all over again after a while. :(

Brendan @ Find Handmade

This is one of the pressures holding back artisans from being excellent - thinking they are not good enough in the first place and almost self censoring their work for too long. I talk to artisans regularly - and if they don't have that self confident streak then they can keep themselves on the sidelines virtually their whole productive career.


Thank you for this post! I'm totally going through this point in my design life right now. I'm in my final month of graphic design, and I don't feel ready to tackle the big ol' world of design in a way that is financially feasible. There are those in my program that are younger than I am that do seem oblivious to the "gap" though, and in one way I admire their optimism, but in the same way I'd like to shake them by the shoulders sometimes. Hehe.

I started my work term last week, and by getting lots of positive feedback on my designs from my client, it's helping to keep me from comparing my work to those that have been in the field for much longer than I have.

P.S. Thanks for sharing your Pinterest, too - I clicked through a repinned a ginormous amount. Gotta love a good Pin for inspiration!

Michelle Clement

Aw, thanks! And Im glad Im not alone! I guess looking on the bright side would be to know that youre always going to progress and get better, right - the double-edged sword. lol. :) So happy to hear that your client work is helping - it definitely builds confidence. Good luck finishing your program up!

Michelle Clement

I agree! It takes courage and self-confidence to show your work, for sure... :)

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